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Data recovery software – professional Software Searching Modes

Select any Search among Basic, Deep, Photo or Signature to search and recover your lost or deleted data.

Data recovery software – professional Select Drive or Partition

Select the drive from which you want to restore lost data from the list of Physical or Logical Drives.

Data recovery software – professional Browse Destination Path

Browse the path where recovered data will be saved by DDR (Professional) Recovery Software.

Data recovery software – professional Searching Process

Currently performing Files Searching Process, You can stop searching process by clicking on 'Stop' button.

Data recovery software – professiona Recovered Datal

Data files are recovered successfully. View recovered data files by clicking on 'Open Containing Folder' button.

➭ Software Working Features:

Supported file formats : jpeg, jpg, bmp, gif, aac, asf, mp3, mp4, mov, tiff etc.

Data recovery in following cases : File restore program restore deleted data whenever any of the following error messages display on your computer devices:

  • Accidental deletion of data
  • Virus infected HDD and USB media 
  • Software malfunctioning
  • Formatted drives
  • Power faults and other similar reasons

Saves your recovered files: Data retrieval software provides facility to save your recovered files at specific location on your Windows machine.

Supported Removable media brands: Kingston, Transcend, SanDisk, Olympus, Samsung, Sony and other popular series.

Facilitates searching mode: DDR Professional – Recovery Software provides advanced disk scanning methodology to recover deleted data in simplest way.

Data recovery from system generated error messages: Restore lost data even if “Drive not formatted” error message is displayed while accessing USB media on your Desktop, Laptop and Notebook PC.

Advance recovery from Mac machines: Provides option to recover data from such devices which results in data loss while operating the device on Mac machines.

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